Brite Smile Membership Plan


Brite Smile Membership Plan

In an effort to encourage optimal dental health and alleviate rising costs of dental care, we proudly offer Brite Smile Membership Plan to our patients who are unable to obtain dental insurance on their own or through their employer. Our competitive plan offers a viable option with less restrictive coverage in many areas of dentistry.

First Family Member $375.00/year
Additional Family Member $300.00/year



  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Periodic Exam (up to two a year)
  • X-Rays (up to two a year)
  • Adult/Child Regular Cleanings (two a year)
  • Fluoride treatments (18 years and younger)
  • 25% discount for all other services


  • No limitations of the required treatment.
  • No pre-authorization required.
  • No annual maximum.
  • No deductible.
  • No waiting periods or pre-existing exclusions.
  • No third party processing fees.
  • Cosmetic dentistry is a covered benefit.
  • Dental implant restoration is a covered benefit.
  • No missing tooth clause restrictions.
  • No other clause restrictions or exclusions.

Terms of the Plan:

This is a dental discount plan and is not dental insurance. Effective date is the day you enroll in the plan and the renewal date is the same date every year. Enrolled family members cannot be substituted for an unenrolled family member. Cleanings must be performed before the end coverage date. Cleanings do not include scaling and root planing (SRP). The plan cannot be combined with any other dental insurance. Co-payment is due at the time of service for any treatment/work performed. Rates are subject to change annually. Members must remain a member during the entire duration of orthodontic treatment or treatment requiring. Membership dues are not refundable and non-transferable. Membership applied only at Brite Smile Dental, therefore if you are referred to a different office, membership will not apply. $75 fee will occur for each broken appointment without a 24-hour advance notice.